iZeneth Innovative Technologies wishes you all a very Happy Holi


web development

Create your online presence, a website promotes you 24/7

mobile app development

Its time to have an app, today, the internet is in the pockets


Build your dream product, let your innovation hit the market

web designing

Brand your business, your brand speaks about your reputation and integrity

email marketing

Start your campaign today, reach out to millions with the power of an email

search engine optimisation

Promote your business online, a website without SEO is like a car with no gas


school management

Taking learning, management and administration to the next level by digitally connecting education stakeholders


A one stop destination for all your business needs. Organize, Automate and Synchronize your business today

production management

A well managed project gives a happy client. Make your clients happy

appointment management

Manage your appointments digitally and in an automated way. A well managed day will not let you miss even a single appointment

email marketing app

Send out newsletters, business updates and greetings to your clients and market your products and services

project management

Electrical and Mechanical production businesses can now manage their daily production of products digitally and automate their processes


iZeneth Innovative Techonologies is committed to helping you have a “Tech Life”. We are a company with the highest level of honesty and integrity, and a company you can communicate with you 24 hours a day. At iZeneth we understand the need for your organization to stay ahead of the changing techonology that continues to rapid grow right before your eyes, and to do it at a price that is “under” budget. That’s why we are always willing to “think outside the box” regarding your cost concerns, and to look constantly for ways to help you make intelligent tech-choices that will keep your expenses down and results up.

We have worked with many start up companies, small and large organizations, internet brands, ecommerce businesses, NGOs, real estate agencies, hospitals, fashion brands, sports & fitness centers, design studios, architecture firms, jewelery businesses and even individuals to grow their business with the emerging technology.