Manage your appointments digitally and in an automated way. A well managed day will not let you miss even a single appointment
Appointment Management System
Time Management is most valuable entity for a business to run efficiently. Businesses like a doctor’s clinic, salons, spas, fitness centers or any business that needs to manage their appointments and organize them.

At iZeneth Innovative Technologies we have developed our own Appointment Management System namely iClockey. With iClockey your customers can book appointments online via our cloud based application. Regular reminders and notification will be sent to you and your customers about the appointment. You will have a customer database to whom you can digitally market about discounts and events.

The online payment module for your services makes payments easy for customers and trackable for you. With our easy to use interface any non technical person can operate it with great ease.

The features built in to iClockey are –

  • Calendar – With this online and easy to use calendar you can mark days, dates and time slots for their appointments.
  • Reminders – Regular reminders and notifications will be sent to your customers and you regarding the appointment.
  • Customers – A customer database will be created itself whenever a customer books an appointment.
  • Email Marketing – You can send newsletters, discount offers to your customer list.
  • Online Bookings – Customers can easily book appointments directly from your website which will have iClockeys easy to install API button.