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Every business seeks success, we work hard and support you to achieve it. If you are a startup, small medium enterprise or even a big organization we can help you to organize your sales data, employees, projects and even participate in the ever growing digital marketing yourselves.

At iZeneth Innovative Technologies we have developed our own CRM namely iEstuary CRM. For all the businesses out there in the market iEstuary CRM gives them all the tools they would need to grow and excel. Management is the key to every business’ growth, whether it be managing sales, office staff, projects, time and money. iEstuary CRM is a versatile product that has been developed after a lot of research and analysis and keeping in mind the issues a business faces everyday.

The features built in to iEstuary CRM are –

  • Sales Manager – Manage your sales processes, let it leap to the next step!
  • Office Manager – Manage and take care of your office and staff!
  • Task & Contact Manager – Manage your days, tasks, contacts and dont forget stuff!
  • Web & Social Media – Connect and digitize today
  • Reports – Have your business data on your fingertips, just a click away!
  • Email Marketing – Use the power of digital marketing today!
  • Documents – Be stress free, your documents are in safe hands!
  • Messages – Good communication resolves issues, start communicating!