Send out newsletters, business updates and greetings to your clients and market your products and services
Email Marketing Mailer App
In today’s growing technology, almost everything is getting dependent on technology. The processes in a business are getting automated with tools and apps each day. A wide variety of services like the email marketing service has come into use these days a lot. Any business cannot deny the results it gets from email marketing, this is because its customers have also started using technology and online email services leaving behind the classical ways to advertising.

So knowing this, we at iZeneth Innovative Technologies wanted to make things easier for businesses and developed an Email Marketing Tool. With this you can do your email marketing yourself, you dont have to goto IT companies or hire vendors to do this for you.

The easy to use interface can be operated by even non technical people. You can design your own art works and newsletters and send them to your customers out there in the market. This is a really efficient tool to increase your sales and reduce your marketing costs.