Taking learning, management and administration to the next level by digitally the connecting education stakeholders
School Management System
A School Management System is used for management, administration and even learning activities in an institution. It is used to manage students, teachers and data related to them. The admin/principal have their logins with which they can administer the whole working of the school.

At iZeneth Innovative Technologies we have developed our own School Management System after a lot of research and analysis of the processes involved in a school. Our School Management System is iLongitude. iLongitude is an all in one application that can be used to run an institute efficiently and connect all the education stakeholders digitally.

The features of iLongitude are –
Attendance, Exam Results, Time Table, Calendar, Notice Board, Reminders, Assignments, Health Records, Messages, Admissions, Fees, Email Marketing, Group Messages, To Do List and Online Forum.

Some of the benefits to the education stakeholders are –

  • Manage Teachers, Students and Employees
  • Manage Admissions and Fees
  • Digitally market for your institution
  • No more lost data
  • Make your institute hi tech and stay ahead
  • Everyday updates with your childs attendance
  • Graphical report updates for exam results
  • Be updated about school’s events and activities
  • Get email notifications even when you are at work
  • Stay at peace when your kid is at school
  • Be updated with assignments, homeworks, exam dates, time tables, deadlines, school events, activities, birthday reminders and school notice board
  • Operate online library to quickly get the books
  • Ask your doubts and questions online with teachers, seniors and friends
  • Manage Students
  • Manage Attendance, Notice Boards and Events
  • Post assignments and homeworks online
  • Send group messages to students, staff and parents
  • Guide students in a quick and an efficient way