Web Designing

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Web Designing
At iZeneth Innovative Technologies, we feel that a design of a website is the face of your web presence. We believe in the term “look and feel” which for us means. Each website has content, images, information but apart from that the color, design, layout have something to say in an abstract way to the user who comes to the website. So, the feel of the website should suit with your business and we understand the importance of that.
Web designing for us involves the following features :
  • Layout – The layout of the website or webpage decides the height, width and the placement of the content, images on the website.
  • Colors – The colors play a vital role in designing a website, we believe colors speak themselves.
  • Images – The usage of images on the website needs to be in a way that gives the users a message about the website and are eye pleasing.
  • Creativity – Creativity is the major part of any design, it plays a major role in website designing too. We do not deliver the same old fashioned designs which have been in use since ages. We do not do a template based designing, which means that we do not just use similar kinds of pre built templates for our clients. Our designers keep looking for new design ideas which are new, relevant to the businesses and eye pleasing.